Sunday, December 04, 2005

Clearing the Deck

I've been getting these strange bursts of energy lately...and I think it's the weather.

People think I'm crazy because I actually get MORE energy during the winter. I do more around the house, I get to the gym more often, I go see shows, I take better care of my's a big "clearing out" time for me.

Yes, I know, it gets darker earlier, it's so cold, and all that snow, icky-ocky-poo...but it has its advantages.

1.) I LIKE snow. It actually makes my tired old neighborhood look pretty with all that fluffy stuff hanging from the branches. Everything looks like it's packed in cotton by someone who still gives a shit...

2.) The city is YOURS! It's quieter and more open during the winter. You can go where you want to, take walks, get your business done, all of it--without a bunch of noisy people in your face, sucking your energy the way they do in the summertime. Other peoples' cell phone conversations are also practically inaudible when the snow plows are driving by!

3.) No Speedos! In fact, everyone's tragic fashion choices are much more muted during the winter. I'd much rather look at someone's tacky coat than the hideous faux-sharkskin-form-fitting seamless T-shirt they wear when they troll the bars, struggling to look 23. Even the 23-year-olds look awful in that shit. And I'm sorry, but no matter how cute you are, skin is skin at some point. I've become really desensitized. Most of my friends are so hormonal, they predictably slobber over any twink who flashes his ass through a rip in his jeans. But frankly, I think physical exhibitionists are a wash, because that's a signal to me that there's nothing else to them.

4.) People really ARE nicer at Christmas time. Well, usually, anyway. The decorations are really beautiful, and people actually seem to smile at one another and mean it this time of year. Is there some way we can bottle that and preserve it for use during summer construction projects and other traffic obstructions?

I'm also looking forward to doing some new music projects at some point. Winter holds fond memories, because that's when my old band formed. I'm no longer playing with them, but I still go see their shows, and recommend them to you. Third Friday of each month, 9PM, Jackhammer (6408 N. Clark Street at Devon).

So that's all for now...have a great week, all, and don't shop till you drop! (Drink till you drop instead! ;-))


Blogger BriteYellowGun said...

Thanks for stopping by! It's always kind of surprising when a stranger leaves a post. Anyway, based on your profile, you sound like my kind of blog! Jaded, cynical...have we met????

11:01 AM  
Blogger David said...

Kind of lazy in the old blogging department, aren't we?

2:23 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Unlike you, David, I have a real life and grown-up responsibilies. Go away now, dear, and play with your Shelley Winters doll...;-)

4:08 PM  

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