Friday, June 30, 2006

The Madness of King George W.

OK, I get it...this is a colossal game of chicken, where Bush pushes his limits even beyond what's now been established by the Supreme Court.

This I find intriguing. After all, didn't Bush cherry pick half the justices on this court just so they would go along with systematic Third Reich-esque desecration of the American political system? If so, he must be terribly disappointed (not to say constipated). So far his appointments (with the exception of Alito) haven't been able to pull the plug on their own common sense.

One could optimistically argue that that's what Bush wanted all along: a set of fair-minded jurists who could decide cases based on existing law, not try to re-write law. I'd like to believe that, because it would give me hope that, if he's trying to be fair in this regard, maybe he can be brought to see reason in other areas and all is not lost. But when I see him trying to amend the constitution to ban same-sex marriage, and then, when the amendment goes down, vow that he will continue to push for it, my red-flag indicator just screams "Screwloose! Screwloose!"

And though many, many people have said this before (and very eloquently), I'll say it again: Why, when we're engaged in a costly, bloody war "on terror," our economy is struggling, and our citizens are fighting to keep their homes, are this man and his band of village idiots so obsessed with something that doesn't, after all, concern them?

And now he's vowing to continue war tribunals. Why does he continually flout the system of checks and balances and defy the rulings of the very people he appointed to create them? Die-hard patriots will bluster "he's got the right to do whatever he has to to defend America!" These same die-hard patriots are the ones who reminded the cities that issued marriage licenses to gay couples that "the law is the law," and we don't have the right to decide which of the laws we'll obey. Doesn't this apply to Bush as well? If he won't obey the law, isn't he unpatriotic, too? Will we have to shut him up in Guantanamo?

Is King George's codpiece on a little too tight? Is he merely clinically insane? Does he just need more fiber in his diet?



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