Friday, April 21, 2006

Letter to Michael Sneed of the Sun-Times, RE: Ex-Gov. George Ryan


Can you hear that? Those are the sounds of violins playing while my heart breaks over nouveau-poor ex-Gov. George Ryan.

Poor George. Essentially broke. Poor Tura-Lura-Lynn. Only eligible for $350 per month in Social Security, since she lived the life of a fatcat wife and only did volunteer work. Ziz-ziz-ziz...

But I know plenty of women who work full-time AND manage to do charity work as well. I notice that Tura-Lura still has enough money to run to the hairdresser and get her cotton candy dyed blond. Then white, to garner sympathy. Then blonde again.

If George is so worried about being broke now, perhaps he should have hoarded more of that cash he extorted from the cleaning staff at Christmas time. Anyway, isn't he able to live on $77 a year? Oh, retirement will be a piece of cake for him! Especially with free lawyers and now, courtesy of the state, free room and board. Besides, I'm sure those people he saved from death row will be real nice to him. They might even give him their dessert!

Maybe you should save your sympathy for the people of Illinois who got screwed. Or better yet, for Scott and Janet Willis, whose six kids died in a horrible fiery car accident caused by an unlicensed trucker whose kickback to Ryan allowed him to be driving in the first place.



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