Friday, August 24, 2007

A Republican Tragedy

You see, they're turning on each other already.

As much as I deplore the tragedy, I have to marvel at the choice of the word "roommate" to describe Abrami. I mean, come on, Gonzalez was 39 and his "roommate" was 36--this ain't exactly "Bosom Buddies" here. And after being the executive director of an entire state's Republican Party (in a region where Republicans are as popular as peaches), can you really imagine him taking a job that WOULDN'T allow him to afford his own house?

"Roommate," indeed...


Anonymous Ed said...

Why do you think they were more than friends? Just because they shared an apartment and washed their clothes together? Just because they made loud groaning noises and bumped the wall a lot at night? They were doing excercises yeah okay, excercises. Republicans can't be Gay it's in the bylaws or somewhere. Why if they were found to be gay they'd have to...have to...Oops!

2:42 PM  

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