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Too Bad the Victim Wasn't a "Harry Potter" Actor--THAT Murderer Got Life

This is insane. I'm sorry, but even if the guy's schizophrenic, that "self-defense" garbage doesn't wash. "Self-defense" does not require stabbing somebody DOZENS of times, then CARVING and EATING him.

There are two obvious reasons Li got off so lightly: A.) because he was an immigrant and the judge faced a backlash if he got a harsher sentence (sorry, but this is the conservative part of me speaking. It doesn't come out often, but it will rear its head when judges intentionally give light sentences to murderers after a straw man trial); and B.) because McLean was a carney. Yeah. Let's face it--it was. He was JUST a carney, after all...

I don't believe Li should have been unfairly punished. But, My God, what seems unfair after something like this?? And what are they thinking with that "re-evaluated yearly to see if he's fit for release back into society" crap? Let me answer that RIGHT NOW:

Um, no.


Blogger American Girl said...

It's late so maybe I missed it but where does it reference "self defense" in the article? I'm sure it's right in front of me but like I said it's late.

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Blogger American Girl said...

Okay,still can't find the self-defense language...anyway...

Judges are not elected in Canada. An Asian immmigrant backlash is very unlikely to effect his job.

The coverage of this story up here has shown a man who had a horrific mental breakdown. Canada doesn't have a death penalty, the criminal justice system moves so slowly that I find it horribly unfair to the accused, the victims and the families. At least, this has resolved itself in under 15 years. The yearly evaluation seems odd but only 2 psychiatrists testified at the hearing.

Additionally, the coverage about the young man has not shown any disregard as to who he was and what he did for a living. This happened in a rural province where lots of people make their living as manual laborers and farm workers. The prosecution is satisfied that the judge did his job correctly and are not looking to appeal.

Here are two articles from the Globe and Mail (Canada's NY Times):

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Blogger Aaron said...

I respect your opinion, but I guess we'll have to agree to disagree here.

You're right, I don't see "self-defense" language in this article either, but it was there yesterday (they made another edit to a prosecution comment, so maybe they struck that too). But "self-defence" DOES appear in the last paragraph in this article:

The JUDGE uses it himself. Gee, I wonder how the "systems failed all along the line," as McLean's mother put it. Judges may not get elected, but it's clear that they should eventually retire.

Ironically, I don't even dispute that Li is mentally ill. He clearly is. I guess my only real objection is that he'll get a yearly hearing to see if he's cured and can be released. And I just feel that shouldn't ever be a possibility. Once you've killed someone as gruesomely and senselessly as this, you just don't get to mingle with society again. EVER. Even if the basket-weaving "cures" you.

And yes, I read that the defense and prosecution were both satisfied at the outcome. Bully for them. Maybe they can go out for steaks and martinis now. (Yes, that was unforgivably sarcastic of me, and I don't care.) It's quite easy for THEM to be satisfied that the judge did his job well, because they're both public lawyers who have no real stake in this. It wasn't THEIR loved one who was carved and eaten. It's just their day to day job.

I should try to be more compassionate towards Li for his illness, but I just don't have that in me any more. Life has knocked it clean out. And I wouldn't expect compassion from anyone else if I did something like this, either. I'd have no right to.

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