Thursday, August 24, 2006

More Ma-Ca-Ca

I wonder how Sen. George Allen can walk these days, what with both feet in his mouth, and all.

To give him his due, he did apologize to S.R. Sidarth, the American gentleman of Indian ancestry, for calling him "macaca" several times while he was videotaping an Allen speech two weeks ago. But before we go all "aw, shucks," consider for a minute that Allen is no political novice, so this was no "youthful indiscretion"--he's running for a second term as a Virginia Republicunt Senator. He's in Washington A LOT. He knows the ropes. And he knows you don't say things like this if you don't expect them to come back and bite you in the ass later. Especially to a man with a video camera. How much louder can Allen have been begging for trouble??

Sidarth was born in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. So, not only is Allen a racist, but he's geographically ignorant, too. What more can one expect from a man who looks like Tom DeLay's-slightly-taller-Siamese-twin-who-probably-got-the-smaller-penis?

And consider this little gem, taken from the AP writeup:

"(Allen Campaign Manager Dick) Wadhams on Saturday had sent a memo to Republican leaders decrying a media 'feeding frenzy' over the remark, saying it 'did not warrant coverage in the first place,' and accusing Democrats of trying to "play the race card.'"

Sorry, the "race card" argument is feebler than Gloria Swanson with a broken hip--especially when Allen was the one who dealt that particular race card in the first place. And it didn't warrant coverage?? Surely, you jest! The man was at a campaign event, for Christ's sake--where media are expected to show up! What, are they just pissed off because Sidarth happened to have his own home footage of the whole embarrassing incident, that the Allen camp can't control (since it's made its way onto YouTube)? Hmmmm...I think we have a winner, ladies and germs!

Here's more philosophizing from the corner table at Shoney's:

"'Senator Allen needs to make it clear that he made a mistake, that this was obviously something he should not have done,' said Mike Mahaffey, a former Iowa Republican Party chairman."

Well, duh, gee, ya think so? I think maybe Senator Allen needs to be clear on that himself first. And Washington Republicans aren't real good at figuring out what they should and shouldn't do. They've had six years of frat house freedom to atrophy their already-fragile sense of propriety. Now they're just arrogant enough to hang themselves with all the rope they've been given.

So let's kick away the stool.


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