Thursday, November 09, 2006

The hand that giveth, also taketh away...

Sad news on former "60 Minutes" correspondent.

This guy was truly a class act. He got his success the hard way--he earned it. His parents were hard-working folks who supported him and his goals--a far cry from the stereotype of "uninvolved" parents of today's inner cities. Which brings me to my preachy referendum theme of the day: why ARE inner-city families seen as being so "uninvolved?"

Of course, back in Ed Bradley's youth, there were many families who lived in the inner city and it really was more of a community. After the 1970s, when everyone fled to the uninteresting (and no safer) suburbs, those who remained in the city must have felt a vague sense of having failed and been left behind, which would perpetuate the frustration for future generations. Hopefully, the current "big urban renaissance" will not just be all about rich white people buying huge townhomes and opening Starbucks and Chipotles all over the place...maybe some of the renewal will help the working classes, too.

(Of course, maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt, too. But I can still hope...)



I was wrong about the Senate staying in the GOP's fat fingers...word comes this morning (last last night, actually, apparently) that with Jon Tester's win in Montana and Jim Webb's (NOT the same one who wrote "MacArthur Park"--damn) win in Virginia, the Senate has, indeed, contrary to my prediction of Tuesday, handed the Democrats the 51 seats necessary to gain control of the Senate.

For those who are just tuning in, that means that the Democrats now control BOTH BRANCHES OF CONGRESS, muthafucka...I hope we're better at it than they were. (We sure as hell can't be any worse--it's not 1994, after all.)



In other news, I had my second rehearsal as nasty Santa last night for "Rudolph."

Folks, this show's gonna have it all--a punk rocking reindeer girl, a cute straight transvestite boy reindeer, a drunken Mrs. Claus and a homicidal talking celebrity doll! Plus loads of hot gay elves and fun toys! You have to catch it (after you catch "Caged Dames," of course)! Opens Friday, December 1 at 10:00 PM (also at Bailiwick--1229 W. Belmont).

My own performance is "enghhh" (*wobbling hand motion*), but gets better as I get more comfortable with the material. I can recite most of my dialogue from memory now, except for the scene with Gladys Dasher. We're working that one Saturday, though, and I should have it down by then.

I'm off from "Dames" tonight, as Andy, the alternate drummer, is taking this date. But I'm back on the throne (the drummer's throne, that is, you nasty folks!) times! Catch this if you haven't already! (Did I mention it's fun??)


Blogger dirk.mancuso said...

I'm sure you are going to make a great mean Santa...aomething I hope to confirm this by attending sometime in December.

12:42 PM  
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