Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Stealing the Game and Brushing Against Stars

Well, I simply couldn't have been more surprised to see this little gem in today's news. Stands to reason: since the GOP stands their biggest chance of losing control since MonkeyEars took office, what better time to pull out the old "uh-oh-the-machines-malfunctioned-we'll-never-know-who-really-won-the-popular-vote-so-we'll-just-stick-around-awhile" ploy. It worked beautifully for them in 2000 and 2004. Only this time, they have enough cojones to actually as much as hint to us beforehand that this is the way they're going to steal it.

Why doubt it? Nothing shocks any of us anymore...this whole entire administration and its slimy minions have proven that they're lower than a snake's urethra. What's one more soul-killing duplicity in the face of so many? Besides, all this "electoral process" takes time, and they have altar boys to text message...


In other news, "Caged Dames" opened this week, and it's even more fun than I anticipated. As an added bonus, Tippi Hedren and Veronica Cartwright came Thursday for a special performance benefitting Tippi's Shambala preserve in California. Tippi told stories about how some of the animals came to be living at Shambala, and it boggles the mind--some were sold out of the backs of cars, some were living in basements in the Midwest, some were locked in closets. And these are wild cats! Do people really think they can hide these creatures behind their raincoats?

I got to talk to Veronica for a while at the reception...she's pretty down-to-earth and funny. I finally got to tell her that she was my favorite part of "The Witches of Eastwick." ("Fuck Cher," I said. "It was all about you!") I mentioned that I was unable to eat cherries for a long time after that. She said that the pits came in a tube and they pumped them in her mouth between takes. I'd have been terrified of swallowing some. But that's the risk a pro takes! :-)

She and Tippi loved the play. Veronica especially loved "Little Limping Rat" (I won't give the show away, but Brigitte has a special "friend" during her dance break).

At the end of the night, my favorite visual image was the group of them (Tippi, Veronica, Bob their photographer, and Steve, Hugh and David from Handbag) walking across the street as cars stopped for them. When Steve came back, I said, "How cool that they stopped for you guys!" He said, "Tippi just kept walking--they had to stop."

Yes indeed--a star who can still stop traffic!

Here's a photo of her and David taken at the reception (I was too shy to ask for a picture with her or Veronica. I'll just Photoshop myself in later :-)):

One final thought worth thinking about: during the reception we'd been talking about the whole Boy Scouts gay ban thing, and Veronica said, "How the fuck is a nine-year-old supposed to know he's gay?" I thought that was a great question. When I was nine, I was sort of tipped off by the fact that my two favorite shows were "Maude" and "The Carol Burnett Show." I don't know what the modern day indicators are.

Perhaps the kids should check their cell phones for text messages from Jeff Foley.


Blogger Nerdia said...

Great stuff about Veronica...she WAS the best part and one of the best parts of Alien and anything else she's done. "F Cher! It was all about you!" So true. So true. And I say that as a Cher blogger:


7:41 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Good Cher blog...and don't get me wrong. I love me some Cher! Always have...but "Witches" was not her movie. I think it was Veronica's simply because she was the only one not playing herself over and over, like the others. I think "Moonstruck" was the ultimate feel-good Cher movie, while "Mask" was the most powerful.

1:37 PM  

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