Monday, October 09, 2006

Another Passage...

We saw this one coming, but it's still very sad to see CBGB's go. Although even Debbie Harry said that the venue itself was so dirty that she'd get black streaks on her costume from leaning up against the wall, and from that standpoint, it probably wasn't worth saving. But I think it's more what it symbolized. There were so few clubs at that time that would let bands just play and do their own thing, that it became synonymous with the whole underground punk movement, and really propelled it aboveground, since there was finally a "central place" people could go and see these types of bands. There's hardly any place that lets bands do that now...even the grungiest little taco stands have all these ridiculous rules and act like they're Carnegie-mother-fucking-Hall...

NOW where will we Big Girls go to get discovered Eating Cake? :-) (Oh, who am I kidding? We're so old, we'll probably end up playing at a VFW hall somewhere!)


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