Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oh Goody! More Scare Tactics from the "Loving" Christians

Why, oh why, did this not surprise me?

In a society that teeters ever closer to complete chaos, there are usually two groups who seem to be pulling its fabric the hardest, from opposite ends: those on the extreme left, who seek to remove all religion from public discourse, and those on the extreme right, who seek to plaster their view of God over each and every window, blocking out everyone else's light.

This idea of a Halloween Hell House was something I honestly would have expected in the South--but not the South Side of Chicago. For a $7 fee, future right-wing wackos of America can take the "brainwashing" tour that shows them how everybody who isn't Christian is going to hell. And oh, what a selection of lost souls! We gays, of course, feature prominently in their gallery, and are depicted as "mincing and wearing glitter." (Apparently, the tour's creators have gotten their entire cultural education from "South Park" and various Wayans Brothers movies.)

What surprised me was that Buddhists were also included. Buddhists are pretty darned peaceful in my experience. In fact, they seem to embody the principles of Christianity more than Christians do. Maybe that's why the Christians don't like them--they hate being shown up! Of course they do chant for material things, but have you ever seen one of these "pastors'" big-ass Cadillacs? Just try telling them to give it up for Jesus. I noticed that, while Buddhists are included on this little "hell tour," gangstas don't appear to be, nor hypocritical conservative preachers. Hmmm...funny, that...

Rev. James Meeks, the pastor of the church, says he welcomes the controversy because all of the exhibits can be "backed up by scripture."

Well, gosh, James, if you interpret scripture creatively, you can "back up" anything. Even racism. Like the time you got pulled over by those cops just because you were black. Remember?

I guess it's OK to throw stones at other people, so long as they don't bounce back at you.


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