Friday, December 22, 2006

And He Crosses the Finish Line...!

I'm finally done Christmas shopping. *PANT PANT* Excuse me--I think I need a plasma injection now. I spent the afternoon up and down the length of Touhy Avenue, buying presents I can ill afford for people who probably won't even use them. But they asked for them, and that's that.

What a traffic nightmare. Everything was fine until I got to about Crawford Avenue (which is Pulaski when it's in Chicago). From then on, it was gridlock, thanks to the Edens Expressway exchange and the several mall entrances in the vicinity. I managed to find my aunt's gifts at Wal-Mart (I know, *boo hiss*, but it's the only place in the area or anywhere that carries these things--I looked them up!), as well as a few DVD's for the nieces and nephews. Hope they like 'em. But frankly, if they don't, it's not like I'll crumble.

My mom had asked for a step-stool with three steps for her apartment (to reach things in her cupboard). The only one I could find that wasn't flimsy as hell was at Lowe's. I could barely get it in my car. Good luck to me taking it all the way to Peoria Sunday! (I always spend more on her than on anyone, which is as it should be, to my mind. She always does the same for me.)

I stopped at Dominick's on the way home and bought the ingredients for gingerbread cookie dough, which I made when I got home. It's chilling in the fridge now, ready to be rolled out and baked tomorrow for the "Rudolph" crew. It'll have to wait until morning, because I realized when I got home that I forgot cookie cutters. Fuck! Oh, well, I'll stop at Walgreen's tonight on my way to the theatre or something.

Why am I writing about all this banal shit? Why, to prove to everyone (myself, mostly) that I DO have holiday spirit--I DO...

Tonight's show is at 10:00. I'm remembering to make my entrances early! :-) There's still time--come and see us!


Blogger dirk.mancuso said...

Your holiday spirit almost warmed up my cold, lil black tar heart, Aaron. And that is no easy feat.

Fresh baked cookies? I am impressed. You go with your bad self.

I have my ticket for Friday's show, and can hardly wait!

12:22 PM  

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