Monday, December 18, 2006

Perez vs. the Photo Trolls

I'm not a big fan of vacuous celebrity-stalking bloggers, but I have to say, my sympathies sort of lie with Perez on this one.

I particularly love the quote from the X17 spokeswoman that says that Perez Hilton's been getting a free ride off their photographers' work after they've been roaming around all night to get these pictures.

Oh, yeah, what a noble pursuit that is--how dare Perez try to capitalize on their toil and sweat? And oh, what a product! This is like accusing someone of stealing turds from a sewer worker. Who will win this war of the classless idiots, I wonder? Frankly, I'd get a hearty laugh out of it if Perez wins...photographers are always squealing about their "First Amendment rights" whenever someone tries to stifle them. I'd love to see how they take it when someone else twists a stupid rule against them.


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