Friday, December 01, 2006

We Have Liftoff...!

And coming from a team of eight reindeer, it should be much more environmentally friendly than those gas-and-fire-spewing rockets at Cape Canaveral...

So, tonight's the night: "Rudolph the Red-Hosed Reindeer" opens at 10:00 PM at Bailiwick. I'm borderline excited/stressed/so-exhausted-I-could-lie-down-and-never get-up-again. We had our dress rehearsal last night, and it went really well. There are a few sound cues that need to be split, so Jodi (our stage manager) can set them more easily, but she and Heath (the lighting designer) did SUCH an amazing job last night. The set looks really cute, won't require a huge strike, and the lighting is great (it looks like Bailiwick FINALLY fixed that frigging flood spot, which had been shorted out and was crackling during "Caged Dames"). The lighting effect for the big snowfall at the beginning really looks beautiful.

I finally found a Santa costume that looks decent. I had bought a very inexpensive one from a Major Pharmacy Retailer Which Will Remain Unnamed, but is located right across the street from my office. I noticed Wednesday night how shitty it looked (it was made entirely of felt), so I bought a different (less inexpensive) one last night before rehearsal. This one's much nicer, and the jacket actually zips, so I can take if off between scenes if I want. It's made of acrylic fur, so it looks more authentic, too.

I didn't miss any cues or forget any lines last night, and the entrances all went pretty well. They ran a few of the dances several times last night, and it really seemed to pay off. The pacing was great, and we were out of there at 10:30.

Then came the adventure of driving home. It had started sleeting pretty heavily while we were in rehearsal (we could hear it on the roof) and it hadn't stopped when we left the theatre. So I scraped the car off and slowly made my way home (it still only took 20 minutes, not including my stop at Jewel to buy juice). I kept hoping against hope that this morning's weather would prove not to be as dire as predicted.

My rude awakening came at 7:00 AM this morning as I walked (or rather "sloshed") to my parking spot two blocks away to clean my car off. Still snowing, and cars were spinning their tires in the street. However, I started the car without a hitch, cleaned it off quickly, and hit the road (not spinning my tires at all--take THAT, SUV drivers!). Traffic was not bad at all--I left at 7:10 AM and got to work at 7:45. Lots of people are out of the office today. One boss called and said he's working from home. Another one has to stay home until her nanny gets there (and I'm sure she'll have quite a job getting here even after that). So I'm getting lots done and have even more time to waste--er, spare--writing this!

I drove to work because we have a 7:00 PM theatre call tonight, and I knew I didn't have time to go home and get my car and come back (and I don't want to be standing around waiting for the L tonight at midnight when we're done). It's still snowing pretty heavily, so hopefully it will clear up at least a little by 4:30.

Wish me luck!


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Great job tonight, Mean Santa!

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