Friday, March 09, 2007

Knocking on Obsolescence's Door...

Okay, if this story is true, then I'm not the only person in the world who is stuck in a bygone era of pop culture to the exclusion of all things modern.

The Pope is worried about Bob Dylan? I mean, come on: Bob Dylan? Why? What intifada is the former Mr. Zimmerman plotting against the Vatican hierarchy? Please tell me this is a joke. False prophet? For what--singing anti-war songs? Who else is on the official Hitlerpope's Short List of Undesirables? Joni Mitchell? Melanie? Crosby Stills and Nash? Let's not forget Smokey the Bear, or that papier mache owl from the "Give A Hoot, Don't Pollute" commercial. Subversive tree huggers...

I notice not a word has been said about the cooter-flashing, head-shaving Britney, or the talentless Madonna and Jessica Simpson.

Or perhaps those names are yet to come. Maybe the list has a second and third edition and beyond--like "The Joy of Cooking."


Anonymous Ed said...

I just know that all of us Gays are on the Pope's shit list. That's okay he's on mine too! OHHH! Is he gonna excommunicate me now? I fear neither Pope nor King for Aaron, They aren't any better than we are. Wow! My self-Esteem is going on steriods. In the name of that infamous sinner, James Brown, "I feel good!!!"

2:56 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

The church won't excommunicate anyone, dear. They need ASSES in those pews! :-) They'll just silently chip away at our sense of self until we're all as fucked up as they are. Ahh, how it takes me back to the 70s and my old school. (In fact, I can practically smell the fishsticks now...)

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Ed said...

At my elementary school cafeteria we had breaded tomatoes, stewed tomatoes, macaroni with tomatoes (Sensing a theme here?)and Lime Jello with what looked like slaw stuck in it. I ate the Jello being thankful it didn't contain any tomatoes. Yes, we had fish sticks every friday all year long. Apparently they couldn't tell just when Lent was. A boy sitting next to me found a roach in his Breaded Tomatoes. He showed it to one of the cooks and she offered to give him a new plate of Breaded Tomatoes out of the same place the first ones came from. He respectfully declined.

2:45 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

And the tomatoes were canned, correct...? Yep. The joys of Catholic school cafeteria cuisine...! (That's how I got to be a fat kid--I ate a lot at home because I couldn't eat the slop at school!)

10:15 AM  

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