Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Buck Passes Here, Redux...

AP photo by Ron Edmonds.

Alberto Gonzales is once again blaming his "underlings" for the attorney firings last year.

Now he's saying that the deputy who so conveniently resigned a few weeks back was the one that he "most relied on" and actually signed off on the firings of the attorneys.

So, in other words, you pretty much left this guy in charge of personnel issues (although it's really YOUR ultimate responsibility). Nice try, Bertie--what's that saying? "When the fish goes bad, it's usually the head that goes rotten first." (OK, I actually saw that on "Are You Being Served?" once, but it applies equally well here.)

In other words (and listen up, Bush--you too, Cheney), it doesn't matter who actually did the firing; the fact is it was under your stewardship, so it's still your responsibility.

You. Vouz. Tu. Get it. Memorize it. Live it. Embrace it.


Blogger Johnny C said...

this whole thing makes my head want to explode. But it's been fun to sit at work and listen to the hearings and hear him get yelled at...

8:57 PM  

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