Tuesday, May 08, 2007

One Fish, Two Fish, Dead Fish...

Just caught this article in today's Chicago Tribune. Midwest Generation, which operates a behemoth power plant from a previous generation, says that it shouldn't have to spend millions to upgrade its equipment because it's too expensive. So the plant sucks through millions of gallons of water per day to cool its equipment, and then expels it at temperatures of up to 100 degrees. This, of course, is too hot for the fish to survive.

This process, called "once-through cooling" was banned over 30 years ago at new power plants when it was determined that it killed fish and other wildlife, but the old power plants were "grandfathered" and not made to upgrade. (Doubtless, the legislators didn't count on these plants lasting as long as they have.)

But it's not all bad news, according to Bill Constantelos, Midwest Generation's director of environmental policy. Killing all the fish in the Chicago and lower DesPlaines Rivers might be a good thing. Because it keeps Asian carp and other invasive species out.

Sure, Bill. And let's amputate your entire leg so you won't get plantar warts.

And this is their director of environmental policy. The guy who's supposed to care about how they impact the environment. Wouldn't you love to meet their psychiatrist?


Anonymous Ed said...

The repuclican way is to cut down all the trees to prevent forest fires. Have you noticed the new Smokey Bear Ads? Only you can prevent wildfires! What happened to the forests? Bushies friends cut them all down.

6:19 PM  
Blogger Stephen Rader said...

"Sure, Bill. And let's amputate your entire leg so you won't get plantar warts."

You, Sir, are brilliant.

Isn't it amazing that everyone is up-in-arms about Paris Hilton having to go to jail for 45 days and yet, we have massive health and environmental atrocities happening all around us that barely register a yawn from the American People. It's mind-boggling.

Thanks for posting this!!

10:24 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Ed: The Smokey the Bear ads took on new significance for me when I got older...I sort of got...distracted...and missed the environmental message. But yes, it really does sicken me how much woodland we've lost. And they're trying to tear into more of it. It's insane. They don't get it--this isn't just some pretty postcard scenery. This is life-sustaining, oxygen-producing wildlife.

Stephen: Thank you kind sir! And yes, it's clear that the networks have quite a stake in keeping our attention off world events. I remember a skit on SNL about 10 years ago: Cheri Oteri as Mary Bono and a bunch of other Republicans gloating as they took over the country, saying "while you were busy watching 'Party of Five' (or whatever it was), we were busy descecrating your freedoms," or words to that effect.

And by God, it happened.

11:26 PM  

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