Saturday, June 30, 2007

TravelBlogue: Day 1 at Mama's House

Good afternoon! Things are all right here at Casa de Mama...I arrived yesterday around 12:30PM and stopped at the Hallmark store in town to get her a card and a scented candle (I picked the only one I could find that didn't smell like rotting banana peels), then went next door to the Kroger store where my aunt works to pick up shaving cream and a few food items.

La Mama is doing pretty well...she had her first chemo on Wednesday, and started feeling pretty crummy Thursday (headachey, etc.). She feels crummy today, too (the headache has spread), but she ate the dinner I made last night and didn't get sick (even healthy people can't usually manage that!). She did get sick once today, but only once. So hopefully, this medicine will not be quite as brutal as the stuff she had 12 years ago. We've been watching the "Maude" DVD I brought down and she hasn't laughed once...I think her head hurts too much (that could be from the DVD, not the medicine--I turned it off).

She's had some muscle spams, too (a side effect), but they've been infrequent so far. Hopefully, tomorrow she'll feel a little better...

Pics of the countryside if I manage to get some! (Most likely not of her, however. She will kill me.)

Day 2 update later tonight! (No pics yet, since her USB port is on the back of her computer, and I can't move the tower out. But I did get some shots of her balcony with the flowers/plants and of the new YMCA in Peoria where I went this morning...their fitness center is nothing to get excited about, but what grounds! Beats that old place downtown all to hell.)


Anonymous Ed said...

My Mom won't even go for a cancer screening or any of the tests. She said it won't do any good because she ain't taking the Chemo treatments or any thing else no matter what. She won't even let them do a breast screening.
I'm glad your Mom is doing relatively well considering what many have gone through in the past.
I've never been to Peoria. I'm sure it's a fine place. I know it produced a great guy named Aaron.
I went to Chicago about 10 years ago and watched the Cubs play. I went across Southern Illinois to get to St. Louis to watch the Cards and Reds play. Funny thing about that, I hate to watch baseball on TV but in person it is really cool plus all the good food and beer.

7:35 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

It's hard to get elderly people to the doctor if they don't want to go...they tend to be pretty a.) mistrustful ("I don't want that quack touching me!" or b.) fatalistic/complacent ("Whatever's going to happen is going to happen. Why fight it?") But sometimes they surprise us by living the longest. My great-grandmother was 94 before she ever went to a doctor (she'd even had her kids at home--they were from the South). And she only went because she slid off the bed at my grandma's house and they wanted to be sure she hadn't hurt herself (she hadn't). She lived to 96...she died after they finally put her in a nursing home (she couldn't live alone anymore).

Peoria's OK...a little backwards in some ways, and not exactly "progressive" but there are pockets of artistry if you look for them (mostly near the university--the only place in the city I would ever live).

12:06 AM  

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