Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hollow Christian, Paper Dragon

When it comes to being a bastard, President Bush will gladly do it in public if it means sending GROWN kids off to war or ramping up spending to perpetuate the war that fills his cronies' coffers.

But when it comes to denying children health care? THAT he prefers to do behind closed doors, without fanfare, so no icky-ocky-poo-poo news coverage comes out of it.

Thank heavens for that Christian charity. So typical of the arm-chair soldier. Hasn't changed much from the National Guard days, has he?


Anonymous Sister Mary Agnus said...

Spend , Spend, Spend, Spend , Spend , Spend on everything else! Fund the war and everything else that makes your cronnies richer , but do NOT fund health care for CHILDREN !!! This man is insane and no one calls him on it .. Was the Matthew Shepard bill attached to this ?

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Ed said...

From what I've read, the children's health insurance bill was to be increased to cover children of parents who make up to 80 thousand dollars. Bush said those people shuld buy their own insurance even though it would cost them 20 thousand this year and 30 thousand next year.
He'll quibble over that while spending 150 billion more in Iraq. I still feel betrayed by the 92 to 3 vote to okay this longterm spending bill while not calling for any reduction in trops.

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

He's a puritan, Aaron. Puritans believe that if God wants you to have stuff like food, water, shelter, really awesome Gold Coast sort of shelter, health insurance, or say, an illegal war, God will, while you are a zygote, instill within your very being the means of getting all that he wants you to have. You cannot go against God's great plan for you to have the measles by asking the government to pay for a measles vaccination.

It's weird how God really, really likes wealthy, educated, white men and hates poor minority children. Ah, but our's is not to wonder why...

12:49 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

You're right--ours is to get active and vote!

(Don't you find it equally weird how they tout the WASP-based religion above all others, even as their numbers decrease? A little smidge of desperation, perhaps? Even they know this gravy train will run out of broth sooner or later...)

3:01 PM  

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