Friday, November 09, 2007

From Winehouse to the Doghouse

The husband of British retro-soul singer Amy Winehouse appears to be in some rather deep shit.

"No, no, no," you say? Yes, yes, yes. In addition to his upcoming trial for allegedly beating up a bartender, he's now accused of attempted "trial-fixing."

Yikes! No wonder his father is telling everyone to quit buying her records and supporting their habits. It's a real shame--she's so very talented. I wonder if part of the "spark" of her creativity and passion includes an element of self-destructiveness. Or if he's just a crummy influence, a la Bobby Brown. Or they're both just two crazy, self-destructive folks who were drawn together as kindred battered spirits.

I just hope we don't have to see the reality show anytime soon.


Blogger JOE * to * HELL said...

sadly, i kinda WOULD like to see the reality show

1:16 AM  
Blogger Aaron said...

I'm sure you won't have to wait long!

8:17 PM  

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