Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Joans in San Francisco! or, I Didn't Leave My Heart, But I Did Leave My Sunglasses. A Video Blog, Part One of Three...

To answer first questions first, we're back. And it was amazing. And they loved The Joans. Seriously, I think it's the most amazing out-of-town reception we've ever gotten (granted, our out-of-town experience has been pretty limited, but...)

I took lots of video, most of it pretty pedestrian and inane and "sight-seeish," and the camera work is wobbly at times (since I'm walking and recording at the same time), but this will let you see what I saw AS I saw it--for the first time!

This first part will focus on the journey to, and arrival in, San Francisco. That's because my computer has been very slow to upload the videos. Seriously, only half of them made it up in six hours. My work computer is much faster, so I'll upload the rest tomorrow while I catch up on my work (the joys of multi-tasking!).

I'll post video of The Joan's performance tomorrow (don't get too excited--it's a small video camera with non-professional sound--but you can still see folks having fun! And of course we look lovely...)

So on with part one...!


This is Saturday morning, after Taylor and I have arrived at the airport. We shared a taxi from his house since it turned out we were on the same flight. I was nervous about flying after so many years, so Taylor very kindly gave me one of his thorazapan dexatrim? clorox mother's little helpers. It did calm me down, but didn't knock me out. We have about half an hour before boarding the plane, so I figured I'd give our little journey intro:

Finally, about 9:55, we're boarded. Taylor is seven rows ahead of me, so I can't throw anything at him--so I decide to shoot video out the window instead. Sigh.

This one was taken about an hour into the flight. The flight attendants were very nice and the male one even gave me two of those little bottles of wine for the price of one. I was VERY mellow for this flight.

I'm not sure where we are at this point, but there are lots of hills, so it's probably close to some mountains. I calculate that we're about 1,000 miles from Chicago, but my math sucks--once again, I forget that it's about 500 miles per hour. So this is most likely Nebraska or Kansas. What I do know is that I'm sitting right next to the engine. Yes, that's right. Right next to it:

This is some other hilly place. I don't know where it is. But it was sort of pretty, and I bothered taking video of it, so it must be significant. Here:

Finally, about 12:30, we land in San Francisco, and we're waiting for our shuttle. Here's a view of the airport from outside of the terminal:

Finally, we arrive at our hotel, The Mark Twain. It's a nice place, and although I don't have any video of the outside, here's a brief glimpse of the lobby (and listen as I have trouble getting the camera to shut off when I want it to):

After I unpack, I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood, specifically Market Street. It's got a really gritty urban feel in this portion (which is called the Tenderloin)--there are lots of adult bookstores and liquor stores, and many homeless people and (it appeared) drug addicts on the streets. Somehow, though, it was still pretty. The streets are very wide, and there were always cable cars running (except, it seemed, while I was shooting this video!):


That's all my computer uploaded today. Tomorrow: Aaron climbs the hills and walks to China Town! And don't miss Thursday, when The Joans take Folsom Street! Also some bonus footage of The English Beat...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa Aaron! I only have dial-up and it takes an hour to down load 2 minutes of Video. You're throwing out Videos like Melons off of a produce truck.
I saw the one where you were in Ohare getting ready to take flight. I'll try to get through more of the Videos soon. It looks like a fu*k-abulous-time. I wonder why they didn't flatten those hills before they started bulding there. Mark Twain said, "the coldest Winter I ever spent was the Summer I spent in San Fransciso." ed

5:51 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Yes, it was very nipply at night! During the day it was always a balmy 80 degrees...

Sorry about all the videos--I tend to go a little crazy, being new at the whole video-blogging thing. Also, being my first time in SF, I was more overwhelmed than I expected to be!

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those I've seen so far are great. They do overwhelm my antiquated computer system but it's not your fault. I would ahve Videod everything too. I'm so glad you got to go to this magical place. It seems like it is in another deminsion and so far away.
It was Nipply at night. They do react to cold don't they? haha ed

9:59 AM  

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