Wednesday, March 03, 2010

No Country For Old Bastards

Senator Jim Bunning (R-Kentucky), the lone screw-loose holdout who was holding up unemployment pay to millions of cash-strapped Americans, finally backed down yesterday once a compromise bill was submitted with three concessions to the old dinosaur.

Now, I'm all for being fiscally responsible, and it's true that government spending is getting out of hand, but he was really attacking the wrong people here. (Maybe that's what happens when you get to be 100 years old and your eyes don't work so good no more.)

And if anybody says, "You damn liberal, attacking someone on the right just because he doesn't fall in line with the tax-and-spend policies of ObamaCare," I'd like to respond that a.) I don't agree with all of Obama's policies, either, but we're in dire straits now and there are no perfect solutions. Meanwhile, it's unconscionable to let fellow citizens starve when they've lost jobs through no fault of their own, not to mention withholding medicine to elderly people; and, b.)where were you sons of bitches anyway when George W. Bush was raiding our Social Security coffers to pay for his neurotic daddy's-boy-grudge-war in Iraq? No right-wingers uttered so much as a peep over that one. So shut the fuck up now.

Further, I think Bunning showed a lot of gall objecting to tax-supported jobless benefits and Medicare when he and his colleagues profit so handsomely from that same enterprise. The average Congressperson earns $174,000 a year--FAR more than a family of five on one unemployment check can expect to see. Not to mention the kick-ass pension and benefits the old bloodsucker will be drawing even after he retires to his outhouse in Lexington.

So I wonder just how he'll receive the proposal by freshman Senator Ann Kirkpatrick of Arizona suggesting a five percent pay cut for Congress. Well, she's a Democrat and it wasn't his idea. Wanna take bets on that one?

I suppose a person can't blame him for being cantankerous. It can't be easy watching oneself go from this:

To this:

(Okay, rant over now. I feel better!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, the supreme coots I mean court just struck down any limits to the amount that corporations and foreign governments can "donate" to campaign contributions. Expect tens of millions to come from big business and even more from China. Being a Senator will soon pay better than any sports star. As the distinguished Senator from Illinois (God rest his soul) once said, "a million here and a million there and soon it amounts to real money". Now a candidate will not even ask for my $10 when he is getting paid by Exxon and guess what will happen to alternative fuels? Ted

6:58 AM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Well, the table of nations is already starting to scavenge around the melted ice caps to see who can get the drilling rights up there...I don't suppose we're going to see any alternative fuel activity in our lifetime if Obama can't get it going during his administration.

So he needs to start busting heads together, like he's getting ready to do on healthcare reform. The hell with popularity. "The honeymoon period may be over," as commentators are fond of pointing out, but that means he can flush the photo ops and just be PRESIDENT now and run over those who oppose him. Hey, it worked for Bush.

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How dare the Democratic party try to use the same method that the Republicans used to get tax cuts for the rich, to pass health care! It's called reconciliation and limits debates and the bill needs only a simple majority to pass. I say what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Ted (the distinguished senator in previous comment: Everett Dirkson)

7:45 AM  

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