Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sometimes I Wonder If I'm Ever Gonna Make It Home Again...

Sweet Jesus, who am I?? What is this thing with the screen and the keys? What is that furry creature walking around in my kitchen drinking out of a bowl...?

Exaggeration aside, I really DIDN'T think I'd ever get home tonight...I had a half-day training seminar at Cantigny in Wheaton, and we got done a little after 5:00. I knew it would take forever to get home, especially with the snow, but I'd forgotten how long forever is when you don't have a car stereo that works anymore (my speakers are shorted out and only play when I hit bumps--then stop when I hit the next bump. I'd get them fixed, but I haven't gotten around to it). Also, it's a cassette player, and I don't have any really hip music on cassette, except for the CDs I've dubbed.

I also had to get gas on the way home, so I stopped at a BP station, and accidentally slammed the seatbelt buckle in the door. So I opened it again, pulled the buckle out, noticed the clasp of the door was up (where the catch is) and, thinking it wasn't supposed to be, pushed it down. Then the door wouldn't shut and I panicked. Remembering the last time this happened to me (1997), and what the man at the dealer said when I called and querulously demanded that they come tow it in and fix it, I held the door handle up as I slammed it. It worked in 1997.

It did not work tonight. I tried about six times. Just as I started to well and truly panic, I reached down and pulled the clasp back up and open as a last resort. Lo and behold, the door shut fine.

I supposed if I hadn't pissed away a good 20 minutes doing all of that, I would have gotten home earlier. It still would have taken two hours, though. (On a related note, why is Mannheim Road so popular? It's not like it's pretty or must have taken 15 minutes just to crawl past that exit...)

I parked five blocks could have been LOTS worse.


Big Girls did not meet with the photographer last night as planned. Tracy sent an e-mail out yesterday morning saying that since she hadn't heard back from us, she was just going to cancel. ??????? We weren't aware we were supposed to respond! We just assumed that we were to meet there and she would be sending the address out. I called her on her cell and talked to her, and she said we'd schedule something for after next week. She sounded like she had a cold, and she's been stressed out, too, so it's probably as well to wait a bit. Also, it's a few more days for me not to have to worry about how to hide behind something (I'd so much rather be heard and not seen...this is why so many people worked in radio!).

Have a marvy evening, all...stay warm!!


Blogger dirk.mancuso said...

Just reading about all that traffic drama, I guess sometimes it's not a bad thing to live in the middle of nowhere.

Except for the part about being the only gay in the village.

12:49 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Trust me, Dirk, I know that area, and you are NOT the only gay in the village.

Probably just the smartest.

6:14 PM  

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