Monday, March 12, 2007

If It's Good Enough For Michael Jackson...

Not to be outdone by the King of Pop-cum-afterschool special-cum tabloid cover tragedy, the Halliburton company announces that it's moving its headquarters to Dubai.

If you ever needed any more proof that Cheney and his band of Viagra-addicted, alcoholic number-crunching compadres are only interested in their own bottom lines, this should do it. Not that we needed any more proof that these people are scumbags. The last seven years have been enough to scrape the scales from even the stubbornest of eyes.

"But, Aaron," I hear you saying, "Dick Cheney retired from Halliburton years ago." Don't be naive, darlings. When high-level executives leave a company, they got stock. Lots of it. And usually a seat on The Board. (You know what The Board is, don't you? That bunch of stuffy, grumpy, sexually frustrated old men in three-piece suits who sit in oak-tabled conference rooms and make split-second decisions that adversely affect the future of whatever company they "direct?" Yeah, them.) Cheney was tailor-made for the role (or should we say "reanimated in some basement lab in Austria" for the role).

Nevertheless, it's galling to hear these people spout off about their love for America and its people and talk about building our economy, then turn around and pull this shit. It's exactly what everyone expects, anyway, so why don't they give their PR people and their spin doctors a few days off and just cut the bullshit.

Oh, and then I read this story today in which Cheney accuses the Democrat critics of Bush's troop buildup plan of "undermining the troops." Now--given everything we've seen and read about Dick Cheney, do you really think he gives a shit about the troops in Iraq? Really? In your deepest li'l heart of hearts?

Didn't think so.

Most likely, he's concerned for the bottom line of Halliburton, the proud holder of all no-bid contracts for the "reconstruction" of battle zones for the last four years or so. More troops don't only mean more support for the existing soldiers (although 8,000 isn't enough--80,000 wouldn't be)-- it also means more supplies and services that Halliburton can provide. And collect payment for.

I don't want to hear these nasty, overstaying-their-welcome-on-this-green-earth bunch of hypocrites spew out their jingoistic jibberish anymore. It's clearly as empty as their sperm count. They should ALL just brazen it out and go on vacation, like President Bush does. It makes me angry--very angry--that these dessicated toads will live the rest of their lives in wealth and comfort for their plunders, while my mother has to worry every month about whether her insurance will cover her scans and cancer medicine.



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