Monday, April 02, 2007

Say You Want A Revolution?

I wouldn't mind one right about now.

This column by Steve Chapman in today's Trib puts into words what I've been trying to express for years (6, to be exact): the Presidency and other high offices are positions of public trust, and as such, subject to OUR approval--not the other way around. Unfortunately, the Prezzie and his cronies have all but forgotten this--or else they pay patronizing lip service to it by forcing Tony Snow to give press briefings on Why Whatever We Did to Piss You Off Today Is Good For You And You're Unpatriotic If You Disagree.

To be fair, I'm not really wild about Snow (although I'm sorry to hear his cancer has returned--I know how that news sounds to a family), but I would rather watch him than that snot-nosed Ari Fleischer, who looked for all the world on 9/11 like the "Mr. Mouth" game from the 1970s--a plastic head with a mouth on a hinge that would open and shut while it slowly spun around and you attempted to catapult colored plastic chips into it. Ari had the most annoying proprietary smirk there was and everytime he opened his gob, I hoped a bee would fly in--or that somebody would throw some dried dung (they had to wade through enough of it to get there).

We should have seen Bush's intentions signposted a mile away when, back in 2001 (even before 9/11), his spokespeople began talking about firming up the office of the Presidency and "reclaiming the executive power that has eroded for over 40 years." Which was a nice way of saying, "Meet your new king. Stupid-looking, isn't he?"

If the misbehaviors of previous Presidents (which led to the "erosion" of executive powers) weren't enough to teach us, we certainly must have learned after watching this Caligula of a President embarrass us in front of the entire world.


Anonymous Ed said...

I think that Bushie has the mind of a six year old. George the third, King of England in 1776, had the mind of a six year old. They both ruled with similar results. Both named George Coincidence?
I hope the Jack-booted thugs don't break down your door in the middle of the night.
You are brave to say you are disgruntled with King George.
I'm sure my calling him retarded will get me audited.

9:15 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Please...we're adding our voices to a chorus of millions.

10:22 PM  
Blogger David said...

F*cking Bush.

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Ed said...

Uh oh, now David is on the Republican shit list right along side us, Aaron.

4:59 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Let's practice carving guns out of bars of soap. :-)

5:09 PM  

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