Friday, April 06, 2007

Thank God It's (Good) Friday

And despite the un-Easterlike weather, it feels like a peaceful weekend is in the making, starting with a shorter day at work, and a few bosses who are out of the office (which means I can get some work done without people asking questions or being all OCD every 10 minutes as usual).

Tonight is also the 2-year anniversary of the Flesh Hungry Dog show. Two years ago, when FHD was still a band, we began playing a monthly showcase at Jackhammer in Rogers Park. Eventually, all us FHD-ers went our separate ways (different bands, working in theatre, etc.), but the monthly show is going strong. Besides being a special night tonight (it being the second anniversary and all), there are some kick-ass bands playing, like the Kimi Hayes Band and the Jen Porter Band. Also, a few of us FHD old-timers are putting down our glasses of Geritol and prune juice and getting together to play a few of our old songs to mark the occasion. Show starts at 9:30, so if you get a chance, stop by and catch some tunes. At Jackhammer, of course.


Confidential to Mr. 49th Ward Alderman:

Yes, I know the run-off election is coming up. I know what date it is, too. So you can stop stop calling me, stop sending me letters in the mail and stop accosting me at the Morse Ave L stop. I GET IT. REALLY. STOP NOW!! I MEAN IT!!! SHUT UP, AWREADY! If you think your harrassment is going to endear you to me when it's time to cast my vote between two equally unpalatable candidates, well, the clue train is on its way down your track right now. *WOO WOO! HERE COMES THE CHOO-CHOO!*

And not just you, but your army of drudges, too. Yes, this means YOU, Cindy B.; I saw your name flash on my caller ID last night, which is why I did not pick up. I'd already received your letter, in which you express your excitement about our incumbent and how you'd do everything but lick whipped cream off of him. So I figure there was nothing else left for you to tell me, since I don't know you personally. Plus, you called at 9:00 PM, which might be the hip, acceptable urban thing, but I dislike talking to relative strangers on the phone at that hour unless I have to call the Poison Control Center or something. So don't call me again unless you want a gift of used kitty litter at your front door (and I know your address since you so thoughtfully put it on the letter you sent). This is not an idle threat--don't f*ck with me, lady.

Happy Friday, everyone!


Anonymous Ed said...

I keep getting E-Mails from the Democratic Party. Like I don't have enough spam already. Your preaching to the choir I can't be any more os a democrat than I am now. Oh, you want me to contribute to the campaigns of those millionaires, not in this liftime.

10:42 AM  
Blogger Craig Gernhardt said...


I posted your letter to the Alderman on my site. I figured he'd get the message. He reads it everyday.

11:22 AM  
Blogger Aaron said...


Much obliged! I'm sure I can't be the first person who's sick to death of this election-era overkill, but I've never heard anyone else complain about it, which surprises me. It's fine to send stuff in the mail--I have a nice big recycling bin just for that. But the constant phone calls are just too g*ddamned much.

11:47 AM  

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