Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Little French Arrogance, American Style

Billboard on Willow Road. From today's Chicago Tribune.

Spa owner Pascal Ibgui refuses to take down his billboard on Willow Road in unincorporated Glenview featuring a scantily clad woman with arrows pointing to various "problem" areas of her body with instructions on how to fix them (his business partner, Stephen Bloch, is a plastic surgeon--apparently, if the collagen buff doesn't work, he sends them to Stephen for a facelift).

Residents of Glenview are outraged (it's the North Shore--when are they NOT? But that's a separate story), but Pascal says they can't make him take his billboard down. Besides, the men love it, and he says it caters to his mostly male clientele. Really? Mostly male? Then how come there ain't a man on there, Pascal? Oh, you mean your clientele of upper-middle-class businessman assholes who find flaws in their wives/mistresses that they expect you to fix? THOSE clients?

I don't think the billboard is any more offensive than some of the billboards outside truck stops on I-80--the ones advertising 24-hour gyms, saunas, "adult entertainment." But it does send a crappy message, unfortunately. He says he sent out postcards with the same image and his business increased dramatically. Fair enough. But good luck selling it to the "non-lapdog" class of women--the independent ones who are financially sound enough not to care what some pruny, purple, erectile-dysfunctional old man thinks of their looks. (Here's an idea: why don't you bring in a urologist as a third partner?! He can put sticks in these old men's dicks!)

Pascal says he doesn't mean to sound like a chauvinist pig, but "it's a man's world." (HUH??! Oh, yeah, I forgot: he's from Paris. Those Europeans! So Old World!)

Oh, Pascal. I sure hope you're gay. And a bottom. Because if these women have their way, you will have nothing left to top with. And even the third partner won't help you.

UPDATE: On Friday, it was announced that Clear Channel Communications, the owners of the billboard, would remove Pascal's ad. The ad was removed the same day and has now been replaced by an ad for The Glen, an upscale restaurant/shopping establishment. Who has the last laugh, Pascal? *ONGH HONGH HOOOONNGH!*


Blogger Stephen Rader said...

If Pascal's little establishment is for men, then why is it called "Pascal Pour Elle?!?!?!"

I know it's been a few years since my French class...

...not THAT French class... the one where I learned the language...

...but doesn't "pour elle" mean "for her?"

You're right, Aaron. This isn't "for her." This is for her geriatric husband who wants his wife to look 20 even though he looks 80.

I hope when she's 80, she gets a boy who's 20. Cause as Bette Midler says...

"20 goes into 80 a HELL of a LOT MORE than 80 goes into 20!"

2:09 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

That's true! She'd have to cut him into 4 pieces! ;-)

2:30 PM  

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