Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bishops and Queens and Stuff...

The Archbishop of Canterbury has withheld invitations to the Lambeth Conference in 2008 to two bishops whose ordinations he deemed "deeply divisive." Archbishop Rowan Williams exclued gay U.S. bishop Gene Robinson and Martyn Minns, bishop of a Nigerian-based branch of the Episcopal church, stating as follows:

"I do not say this lightly, but I believe that we need to know as we meet that each participant recognizes and honors the task set before us and that there is an adequate level of mutual trust between us about this."

Of course! And what better way to build trust than to start excluding people and setting up a pecking order of suspicion? No wonder organized religion has become so unpopular. Maybe they should ditch Rowan Williams and appoint Rowan Atkinson. At least he'd be entertaining. And somewhat relevant.


I got to see a swearing-in ceremony of new U.S. citizens this morning. It was really moving, especially when you think that this is really the end of that journey for them. And what a long journey that is! (Especially now). It's funny how, at a moment like that, you want to congratulate them, shake their hand...they're like rock stars of the day. And when it was all over, they all picked up their folders and walked out like the rest of us. Mundanity occurs around the momentous times...


David Cerda's picture is in the Red Eye edition of the Chicago Tribune today--Hell In A Handbag's Summer Camp series is listed as one of Red Eye's "10 Best Bets" for the week's entertainment. He's dressed in his Angela Arden outfit for the cabaret reading of "Die! Mommie! Die!"

Terrifying, isn't it?

One slight error: the article says that the show runs through June 19. Actually, the readings are two nights only, but there are two more shows in the series: "Go-Go Kitty Go" shows on June 4-5 and "Reefer Madness" will close out the series on June 18-19. All performances are at Mary's Attic (5400 N. Clark Street).


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