Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Writing's Off The Wall...

Just a few thoughts...

It appears that Fox TV isn't going to let a bunch of pesky writers/voice-over actors tell them what to do, and it's decided to proceed with creation of three new episodes of "Family Guy" without the participation of creator (and voice of three main characters) Seth MacFarlane. I don't know the titles of those episodes, but I'm sure in posterity they will be easily identifiable by the cheesy writing and bad voices.

Mercifully, however, we're told that Project Runway isn't suffering as a result of the writers' strike. (But then, do people really watch that show for the writing? Personally, on the VERY rare occasions I've caught it, I usually watch just to see if Heidi will bang her head on a door frame. Aww, that was mean, wasn't it? Tough shit. GOD, she gets on my nerves...)

Ellen DeGeneres has caught so much flak for continuing her show without writers that she's cancelled a scheduled taping in New York next week. I'm sorry people are pissed at Ellen and all, but I gotta say, in her prime, she wrote better stuff than most of the sanitized-for-TV dreck the writers are handing us on talk shows nowadays, anyway. But I think that whole "dog" thing really did for her, and now she'll have to wear the TV equivalent of a hair shirt until the talk-show-viewing public is ready to open their hearts and their trailers to her again. And oh, won't that be a cause for celebration? (Yes, that was sarcasm--wanna make something of it?)

Those are my pre-coffee thoughts on this lovely Wednesday. I just have to add one more thing: at least those writers HAVE a union. I'm an administrator who ends up pinch-hitting and doing EVERYONE'S job when they're gone, and I don't have anybody watching my back. Where's MY fucking union?

I'm going to get coffee now.


Anonymous Sarah said...

Unions bad, Aaron. Bad. They make corporations adhere to workplace safety laws. They increase the wages of all American workers. They force companies to provide time off to its employees. They sue corporations on behalf of employees who have been injured or fired unfairly. All those things cost corporations money. Lots of money that could be better used as CEO bonuses. Count your lucky stars that you haven't been sucked into the commie conspiracy that is the employee union. Kiss the hem of your corporation's head of legal's robe for he has fought hard to keep you and your co-workers in a place just slightly above serfdom.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Ed said...

I am a long time union guy myself. I ahve worked in factories without unions and those with and let me say that the difference is like darkness and dawn. The schools are teaching Unions bad company good and now the youngsters believe it. When the powers that be call an employee in to rake over the coals if he has a union rep with him it is like heaven and without Hell.We would give many and large union dues if ony we could have the jobs back that had the pay and benefits of the good old days. A nations strength is measured by its GDP. Since we have become a nation of service providers instead of manufacturers our economy can only go downhill and fast. To see the sorry state we are now in just look at the toy industry. If an American comapny made toys here and ssured parents they were led free said company could charge a high price and make a profit. Yet, it will never happen. Corporate greed has sunk the economic ship and it will never surface. "would you like fries with that?" "gee, these are great jobs huh bubba?"

12:31 PM  
Blogger Steven said...

Ah yes. Those administrators. I know them well. And I know what you mean Aaron about picking up where others have left off. Unions aren't necessarily bad, but when unions are formed for just about every group there is out there, it becomes overkill. There are four unions within my "company."

1:15 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Sarah: I shouldn't complain too much because the place I work now is pretty small and familial, and there isn't the caste system I've experienced in other organizations. But everyone's going to this ridiculous online performance review system that just makes bean counters and pencil pushers happy, while doing absolute BUPKUS to enhance real work quality. And there's no incentive for the "hold-outs," the last few genuinely human organizations, to remain so. Perhaps instead of "Human Resources," they should call it "Humanoid Resources."

Ed: There are some industries that just cannot survive without unions. As corporations get bigger and more detached from their employees, the temptation to mistreat them becomes too strong, and employees need a legal advocate and "buffer." Without unions, we just shut up and take it, until someone just decides they've had enough and goes "postal." It's happening more and more, sadly...

Steve: I agree that there can be overkill...but I'd much rather see an environment where employees are encouraged to protect their own interests. Reagan really fucked everyone over. (A pretty good lesson not to elect a feeble old man who forgets where he came from.)

2:45 PM  
Anonymous erik said...

I'm waiting for the all-improv episodes of Stargate Atlantis. ;-)

1:58 AM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Erik: Yes, I'm sure they have those percolating even now! I remember when the writers went on strike in 1985, I think. That was the year that Madonna hosted the SNL season opener, and it was about a month late...all told, however, that wasn't as bad as it could have been.

1:41 PM  

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