Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Joans in San Francisco! or, I Didn't Leave My Heart, But I Left My Sunglasses (Pt. 2)

Now, where was I? Oh, yes...I was about to step out on the town to go sightseeing.

And so we shall...but first, take a look at our delightful hotel room, complete with white shutters and overpriced "mini-bar" waters (we didn't drink any of those):

One of the things I noticed about San Francisco was how pretty everything was--EVERYTHING. Even this back alley building on a sort of shady-looking street a few blocks off of Market was painted in pastels:

Next it was off to Chinatown, a place I've always wanted to visit. But first, I had to climb the hill:

At the top of the hill was something I didn't expect to see--but was really glad I did. Behold beautiful Grace Cathedral:

Finally I reach Chinatown (the corner of Grant and Broadway Streets). Off in the misty distance (once the flare wears off), you can see the Golden Gate Bridge. It was pretty surreal to turn the corner off of Taylor Street and see it:

After a delightful dinner in Chinatown, I head back towards the hotel. At the corner of Powell and O'Farrell Streets, I spot this:

All in all, a pretty busy day. The next day would be even busier--but more rewarding!

TOMORROW--The Joans perform at Folsom Street! Plus, backstage footage, brief snippets of The English Beat, and Aaron visits Castro...


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thanks for all the videos Aaron! wish I could have been there.

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