Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Naughty AND Nice!


Looking for something fun to do tonight? Sure, we all are! If you're near Ukranian Village*, come on out to Betty's Blue Star Lounge to see The Joans! We're playing with Girlie-Q Burlesque Review for their show, "HoHoHolidaze!" Show starts at 9:00, The Joans are up at 11:00PM.

Admission is only $10, and Betty's is a cool place! So come on out--hell, it's only one more day of work to live through! And think of the memories you'll be making. It's better than any gift you'll get--especially this year!

*If you're not near Ukranian Village, you can still make it! I'm reliably informed that taxis will travel there.


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