Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Heat Is On!

Well, not literally, of course. It's winter. And the theatre, where "Caged Dames" (the remount!) opens tomorrow night, is not heated. In fact, it's colder than a well-digger's ass (however cold that might be). The band is sitting next to the back fire exit door, too, which is NOT insulated and where you could safely store meat without risk of spoilage. But we're getting used to it...

Speaking of opening, it's hard to believe it's almost upon us...the time since the holidays (and "Rudolph") has really flown by. I can't imagine what it's been like for the actors in the show, who've been in rehearsal for the last several weeks already (even though it's almost all the same cast, except for one, there were some rewrites and timing things that changed, so I'm sure it's different from what they were used to before).

But tech week is always a bitch, and this one is no many cues for the stage manager and lighting director to work out, staging the finale (which almost always has to be done during tech, because that's about the first time you can get into the space). Add the hectic schedule to the shitty weather and, needless to say, tempers get frayed. Last night was especially touchy, and a few people snapped at each other a few times. But that's pretty normal when things get crazy just before opening, and after all, it comes from caring! If everyone didn't want a terrific show, people wouldn't be so passionate...

And it's going to be a terrific show! Last night's run-through (when we finally got to it) was pretty fucking terrific. The new bits and the music changes are terrific, too. There's still time to get your tickets for tomorrow's opening, so be sure to reserve them now!


In other news, Big Girls is spending the next few weekends learning new songs and preparing to record our first CD (besides the demo we did a year ago). I've got one more composition called "Johnny Johnny" (which I've written and re-written about 6 times), which I just sent charts out to the other members a few days ago. I need to sit down with my keyboard and bang out a simple demo with a tape recorder so Tracy can hear the vocals. I have not done this yet. I may have to do it tomorrow night after "Caged Dames" opening. Rehearsal is Saturday, so I need to do that soon...fortunately, it should be an easy song to learn.

So, my weekend days are full of Big Girls and my weekend nights are full of "Dames." Who knew a fag would have so many women in his life?


Anonymous Ed said...

Maybe you could play your song on a video here in your Blog. I came over from Dirk's Blog because I think tonight might be the night Bruce does his thing. I was told it wouldn't be until next week but that Bruce may be a tricky one. I see Dirk hasn't commented on any of his usual places. I hope he is all right.

8:27 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Dirk says he was having trouble commenting on some blogs, because of WordPress or something...I wouldn't worry yet!

The song...meh...I just got back from a late tech rehearsal. I'll do it tomorrow...(there's always a tomorrow!)

2:16 AM  
Anonymous Ed said...

Thanks for the update, Aaron. I am a worry wart. Today is one month since my Nephew died and I don't want to lose anybody else that I know.

7:22 AM  

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