Monday, February 05, 2007

Some People Are Too Stupid for Transit

Chicago has a serious mass transit problem. CTA is suffering from shortfalls of cash (despite two fare hikes and 30 percent increase in ridership over the last 7 years--um, hello, more people mean more money!?), so inevitably service will suffer.
This means trains do not operate as punctually as they normally would, and it's not uncommon to see several trains in a row stuffed to dangerous capacities.

Tonight, I had to wait for three trains to go by before there was enough room to get in. It was still terribly crowded, and there was clearly nowhere to move. There wasn't even room for a cockroach on this train. But sure as hell, some guy asks:

"Could you move to your left?"

Oh sure. Let me step into the palacial living room over there. Can I bring you back a mai tai while I'm up? Are you fucking HIGH, Claree? If I could step to the left, do you not think I would have done so by now?

My favorite are the people who tell you to do something that you're already doing. Like the strident woman on the bus last week who was in such a hurry to get off (after our original bus had "broken down" on Lake Shore Drive and we all had to pile on another one in the middle of the road). When we finally got downtown to Chicago Avenue, I went to open the door and step aside for people who were exiting. And Miss Thang was behind me saying, "Could you step off, man?"

Thank GOD you were there, lady! I might never have known what to do were it not for your keen insight and problem-solving acumen. Now go wash that ugly purple coat.


Big Girls is preparing to go record. We'll probably do this during March, since we want to rehearse all of our old originals and get them down pat and record them first. The other stuff we'll rehearse during the weeknights in March (since we would be recording Saturdays) and we'll do those last. Tracy is looking at a studio in Des Plaines, so we'll see what it's like. She said the guy is really cool and cut us a deal, so that's something.


"Caged Dames" had a full house Saturday night! A very appreciative audience and the cast did superbly. Quite a relief after Friday, which was--not so much, on either count. But that happens sometimes, and we do have a great bunch of folks. I really love 'em all. Peter, our assistant stage manager, interviewed some of us on Saturday night for his podcast, Windy City Queercast, so watch for that this week. Hear me speak!

More later! Stay warm, if you're in the Midwest. If you're in the South, stay safe from the tornadoes!


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HAHAHAHA- go wash your ugly purple coat....

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