Monday, April 23, 2007

One More Casualty

A professor at Emmanuel College has been fired for pointing a marker at a student and saying "Pow" during a discussion on the Virginia Tech tragedy and, in his words, our society's "celebration of victimhood" in general.

He received a letter from the college administration late last week telling him he was fired and to stay off campus. One of the students who attended the lecture said that nobody appeared to be offended at the time. (But all it takes is one, of course...) The college administration, in one of those all-purpose, one-size-fits-all press statements said that the college doesn't allow "discriminatory or obscene" language? (I'm sorry, I thought he said "pow," not "shit.")

Think maybe we're getting a little oversensitive here? He was making an illustration, not threatening someone. And it was a marker, for God's sakes...


Blogger Stephen Rader said...

Wow. Things are getting WAY out of hand here in the "Land of the Free."

Since when is "Pow" considered to be "discriminatory" or "obscene?"

If it is, every comic book I've read since early childhood is way more obscene than I ever knew. And that BATMAN tv series - - that should have an X rating!!!

I wonder how the Emmanuel College administration feels about the word "Wapp?" "Kapow?" "Shablam?"

6:06 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

I shudder to think...I'll bet they wouldn't have let me write a play my Robin fantasies, either...

11:17 PM  

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