Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Surprise, Surprise...

(Aaron begins channeling his grandfather):

(Said in SE Missouri accent):

Well, surprahs, surprahs! Them furriners are using the Virginia Tech thing to criticize America. Is that all they ever do, critisahz?

And you know good and gutdamn well as soon as they're in trouble, they'll come a-blubberin' to us for help. Then turn around and hate us for it in 10 years. Thunderation!

(Aaron stops channeling his grandfather--but realizes that sometimes, his grandfather brought up some pretty good points. In his own down-home way, he taught Aaron that all countries need each other--"just lahk in World War II"--even though we disdain each other. And one country's tragedy is EVERYONE'S tragedy. Although grandpa probably didn't put it that way--he just said something about "frogs" and "not takin' no baths." But Aaron's sure the sentiment was the same.)

(Aaron has to stop talking about himself in third person--he'll sound crazy, unhinged and out-of-touch, like Miss Manners.)


Anonymous Ed said...

I think Ed would have love Aaron's grandfather. he sounds like a very smart amn. Ed would like to hear more from him.
Ed thinks those people who we helped out in the WW2 should be beholden to us and not hate our guts.
ED thinks maybe next time we'll just let them swing in the breeze and mind our own business.
DAmn, now Ed is channeling Aaron's grandfather.

4:05 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Unfortunately, Aaron's grandfather died in 1996. And he wasn't quite as outspoken as Aaron has portrayed. (He SAID those things, just not so loud--but when push came to shove, he treated everybody kindly. However, he remembered an ingrate when he encountered one!)

I think a hands-off/"laissez faire" approach to military intervention SHOULD be our new policy

4:53 PM  
Anonymous Ed said...

Yes, I think we should be looking for a Peace Czar not a war czar. In the immortal words of Yoda: "Wars do not make one great."

Say, just who or what do you think this Brooke person is? I'm afraid she might cause Dirk a lot of trouble.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

"She" could be anyone...anyone spineless and craven, that is. I don't really care. And I doubt that's "her" real name anyway. I've met few people who are actually named "Brooke," unless their mothers were high on chocolate while watching "All My Children."

1:30 PM  

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