Wednesday, July 30, 2008

TMI Survey-Everyone Else is Doing it So Why Not Me? (Even if it's a day late...)

1. What is your language pet peeve? (Example ‘hot water heater’, why would you heat hot water?)
I hate it when people say "irregardless" and other double negative words that have prefixes and suffixes that negate each other. What pisses me off the most was that it used to be pointed out as clear-cut bad grammar, but now lazy American speakers/writers (it sure ain't English!) have lobbied Merriam-Webster and even had some of these verbal turds added to the dictionary, reasoning that they're now correct by reason of common usage. I'm sorry, but commonality is not a good enough reason. Colds are common, too--do you want one??

2. What is your favorite word? Both dirty and clean?
I think it's hard to pick a favorite word, since I can only associate the word with what it represents. That said, my favorite dirty word is "motherfucker." It just sounds funny.

3. What is the one word you cannot spell?
Well now, if I can't spell it, I sure as hell ain't gonna try here!

4. What is the one word you always pronounce wrong?

5. If you could erase one popular catchphrase from the English language, what would it be?
Just one?? I'm going to get plenty of chances to use that eraser in these environmentally-conscious times, but if I could delete the phrase "carbon footprint," I'd be a happy motherfucker. Every time I hear that, the only "footprint" I can think of is the one I want to leave on their backside. Why not just say "wastefulness?" Nooooo, they have to have a catchy catchphrase to get people interested and start decorating every sentence with, so they feel like they're all hip to the jive and doing something meaningful.

The other one is "bring it." Another example of people using the lexicon of youth to try and sound "fierce" and tough. (Which reminds me, I hate it when people say "fierce" all the time to refer to pop stars and divas. No, they are not "fierce." Lions are fierce--pop stars and divas are vacant and stupid.)

***Bonus (as in optional): The late, and very hot Michael Hutchence (INXS) once sang, “Words are weapons, sharper than knives” . What is the most hurtful thing you have ever said to anyone? Was it deliberate or accidental? What was the most hurtful thing ever said to you? Do you think it was deliberate or accidental?
Well, first off, I never thought of Michael Hutchence as all that "hot." I mean, he was attractive enough, but to me he always looked like Linda Ronstadt. And Linda Ronstadt looked like my mom. So by association, finding Hutchence "hot" would be kinda creepy, don't you think? Loved his music, though, especially "The One Thing."

That aside, I always try never to say anything hurtful to anyone, just because I know how it feels. I'm sure I have, though, without meaning to. As far as what's been said to me? Oh boy--countless things. I don't think they were so much deliberate as simply thoughtless and careless, but I can be overly-sensitive and thin-skinned if I think it was unnecessary. After hearing a lot of such things, I've kind of withdrawn and just try not to talk to people at all (unless I have to). It's safer. For all parties.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh, I hope I haven't said anything that hurt your feelings. I know I am way too thin skinned and have my feelings hurt so often that I expect it. Whoever wrote that crazy, "sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me", saying must have been smoking crack.
I still remember back in the 6th grade the look on my English teachers face when shown the word ain't was in the Dictionary as acceptable through common usage. ed

2:14 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

You've never said anything wrong at all, so never fear Ed! Actually, nobody in our blogging circle ever really has--this is more of one of those things I've accumulated throughout life, with no single cause.

That "sticks and stones" bullshit was something that grown-ups cooked up for kids to repeat as some kind of mantra, as if saying it often enough could make it true. If it's so, then why does Mommy get mad when Daddy calls her a bitch?

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

irregardless, arron, irregardless of how you feel I like the way that psuedo word rolls off my tongue, irregardless of what you linguophiles think (and yep another made up word. Now I'm off to read the rest of your blog. aimee

10:57 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

It's OK when YOU say it, Aimee...just not complete strangers.

Double standards all the way!! Woo hoo! :-)

9:53 AM  
Blogger ayem8y said...

"Hip to the jive" just says it all.

10:50 PM  

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