Sunday, July 22, 2007

Keeping Up With The Joans - July 20, 2007

What a fun weekend we've had! The Joans' club date at Ronny's on Friday night went really well. Despite the Harry Pothead book feeding frenzy mob scene midnight sale (yay! Book's out! Now everybody, shut the fuck up about it already!), we had a spectacular turnout and everyone really enjoyed it. As an extra bonus, our friends Mr. Projector and his filming partner Dave were at the show and captured it from two different cameras, and they tell us the sound quality was exceptionally good when they played it back. They also filmed The Countdown, a terrific local band who invited us to play with them in the first place, thereby introducing us to this venue. It was an interesting set-up: a small local bar in Logan Square/Bucktown that has an ENORMOUS room in the back (with a sound-proof door!) for live music performances. We were playing up a storm in the back, and they were calmly chatting and listening to Freddy Fender in the jukebox in the front. Cans of PBR were only $2. (Yes, I did--don't ask.)

And yesterday, we did an interview with Dave and Mr. Projector, which they're going to edit together with performance footage. I felt a little awkward and nervous, because I didn't know what to talk about, but it seemed to go just fine. They're very excited about it and so are we.


Still a little concerned about Mom. She's not eating as much as she should AT ALL and has lost a lot of weight in the last three weeks (since the first treatment). On top of that, she had a gall bladder attack last week (probably from not eating), so the doctor is waiting to give her the second treatment. I talked to her yesterday and she said she's fine, but she was yawning throughout the conversation ("See? You're run down from not eating!") and I could tell she needed more energy. Since she can't taste much of anything, she won't salivate and that makes it difficult to eat. I told her to buy some frozen yogurt and cut-up fruit and stuff, which is moist and won't be hard on her digestion. I also left some there the last time I was down there. I'm thinking of possibly swinging down there next Saturday (just for the day) to see if she's doing OK. I can't do this really often since I can't afford the gas, but if I can convince her I'll pester her all the time unless she eats properly, I might scare her into it. :-)


That's all for now. The Joans are playing again August 3 at the Flesh Hungry Dog Rock and Roll Show at Jackhammer (6406 N. Clark St. at Devon). $8 cover. We're one of three bands, so come catch the tunes if you can!


Anonymous Ed said...

Your Mom is a fighter, it will be a long battle but I think she'll be okay. Sending good vibes her way.
Glad the show was a success. I knew it would be. Perhaps they will make DVD's of the show and sell them to all of us who can't make it to Chicago.

3:38 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Thanks for the good vibes! The footage has to be edited together, etc., but we'll let everyone know when the show and interview are available.

3:40 PM  
Blogger BC said...

You all were fan-friggin-tastic at the so-scary-it's-cool Ronny's Bar!
Can't wait for the next show...
Your mom's in my prayers.

11:17 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Thanks BC! Thanks again for coming. Mom's lots better now...

1:37 PM  

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