Sunday, March 23, 2008

In Lieu of a Ham, Please Accept This Post...

I hope everyone's enjoying their holiday today. I was worried about the weather Friday, since it snowed heavily throughout the day, but it had stopped by Saturday morning, leaving only the mess in its wake:

Pratt Ave Snow Trees

After I spent about 10 minutes cleaning the car off, I hit the road. I left a little later this time, which was helpful, as I'd been out Friday night acting less than my age (which could be any number these days), and was slightly the worse for wear. But I made it down to Chillicothe at about 1:00, stopped in at the Kroger to see Aunt Fay, who works there, and then headed over to the home. Mom was up and in pretty good spirits. Her mind's muddled--she's once again referring to her mother in the present tense (she died in 1977) and when we (for some reason) were talking about Debbie Harry, Mom said, "Yeah, I liked her--she was always nice to me." I thought that was just TOO adorable.

I did stay overnight this time, booking the very last available room at the Super 8 in town--a double, non-smoking (grrrr!), so I was well-rested this morning. Especially since I hit the snooze button for an entire hour.

I took her an Easter basket today full of miniature pastel-wrapped Hershey bars and Andes mints, which I'd bought Friday. When I got there yesterday, she had a bunch of those miniature Hersheys in a plastic container (Double shit. Double-PLUS shit.) and said she didn't want anymore candy. When I brought the basket in this morning wearing my Easter Bunny ears, though, she was ecstatic, especially over the Andes mints (we used to have boxes of them in the fridge when I was a kid).

I also brought the bunny ears I'd found at the CVS in Chicago (the very last pair). She was suitably pleased with them:

Mom Ears

So we had a nice visit. I hit the road today about 1:30 and got home just after 4:00. I'm very tired now, and am going to watch my AbFab DVDs from Netflix and sleep...

Here's a few siwwy wabbits who send their holiday greetings:

Aaron Mom Easter 2008


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those Bunny ears are precious. Glad Your Mom is doing better. It seems to work out that non-smokers get smoking rooms and vice- versa. I think the Hotel staff sets back and laughs. A friend of mine recently stayed in a hotel room. It was listed as non-smoking and had a sign warning smokers would be charged 250 dollars for smoking in this room. BUT it had ashtrays and smelled like smoke. Ed

6:58 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

I actually toyed with the idea of just having a cigarette in the bathroom with the fan on and flushing the butt when I was done...but I figured since it's a small town, and the staff WILL remember me and I will probably want to stay there again at some point--I'd better not chance it! :-)

8:23 PM  
Blogger American Girl said...

That picture of you and your mom in bunny ears is so sweet.

8:55 AM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Thanks Sarah! I decided I couldn't humiliate my mom without taking a little for myself...;-)

9:11 AM  

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