Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ignorance Is Obviously Bliss (And Today, Temporary Deafness Would Be, Too)...

First of all, this is baffling to me. I don't know which is more baffling, the fact that somebody actually measured this, or that they really think there's a correlation. Whom did they talk to? Not exactly a representative sample, whoever it was. All of my pet-owning friends dislike McCain. (That's why we're friends.) Anyway, it's inconceivable to me that people who respect and love animals--you know, a representation of nature--could claim to prefer McCain, a man who's already promised to continue the policies of Alfred E. Neumann George W. Bush. And we all know how nature-friendly HE is.

Are we sure they didn't measure "meat-eaters" instead of "pet-owners?" And maybe they just got a little confused? Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure that must be it.


Secondly, I think my job is driving me nuts. Normally I get along fine with everyone, but I no longer sit directly next to the people in the area I work in--now I sit smack dab in the middle of another program area (in a move so stupidly-conceived that I would have sworn it was a military strategy). The two program assistants there have a strange, reverse-symbiotic dysfunctional relationship, and today they're fighting like Baby Jane and Blanche.

All of which, as you can imagine, works WONDERS for my concentration.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think some Republicans are pet lovers. I saw two bumper stickers recently here in one of the most Republican states. One read: I LOVE CATS! (they taste like chicken) the other read: CAN'T FIND YOUR CAT? (look under my wheels)
Whatever you do try not to get involved in an office squabble. Oh they'll try to suck you in and not in a good way but if you ignore them maybe they'll go away. ed

10:32 AM  
Blogger Aaron said...

I very firmly tell people that I'm not interested in the drama. I shoot them filthy looks when they try to involve me. If people persist, I just say, in my best church lady voice, "I don't give a rat's ass. Go sit down."

10:41 AM  

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