Monday, August 04, 2008

The Joans at Schuba's TONIGHT!! "Eating Raoul" TOMORROW!!

A last-minute plug for our gig tonight at Schuba's (sorry, between recording and rehearsing, the time's gotten away from us!)...

Joans Schubas

And tomorrow night, Hell in a Handbag's Summer Camp continues with the opening of Eating Raoul! Come and see Smith and Grimm as Paul and Mary Bland--just a couple of nice, ordinary folks in Los Angeles who would kill (literally!) to finance their dream of opening a restaurant. Featuring a talented cast of singers and hoofers, including: Trish Austin, Edward Fraim, Rodrigo Ignacio Cruz (as Raoul), Bethany Thomas, Tim Reardon, Steve Kimbrough and Danni Smith.

As an added bonus, we have the cutest house band imaginable: Taylor Joans and myself on bass and drums, respectively, and music director Randy Fleer on keyboards.

Hilarious stuff! Just think you could spend every night this week hanging out with attractive folks and laughing! Like America's Top Model, without the meth!

Don't miss these two great shows!! You'll be glad you came!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which one is Raoul? I hope he doesn't make you choke. J/K, break a leg you guys give my regards to all the gang. ed

10:28 AM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Thanks Ed! And be assured, our Raoul is very cute--he doesn't make any of us choke!

1:45 PM  

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