Monday, August 04, 2008

Oh Bitch, Please!

Kathy Hilton, a McCain donor, is upset about his new ad likening Obama's celebrity to that of people like her daughter and Britney Spears, saying it's frivolous and draws attention away from "serious issues like people losing their jobs and homes."

Like Kathy Hilton gives a shit about other people's problems. Get over it, toots. Frankly, if you're dumb enough to give him money, you deserve to be disappointed.



(/Paris impression)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

IMHO if Kathy Hilton was really concerned about people losing jobs and homes she would be an O'bama supporter. The main flaw in McCain's plan of making O'bama out to be a celebrity is that America loves Celebrities!
I find it very interesting that Reagan was a celebrity and both he and McCain had/have Dementia. McCain stated recently that O'bama should not have sent his children to a private school. Say What? The old man forgot one small detail...he sent his children to Private School!!! ed

12:42 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

McCain is really just a fouler-mouthed version of Bush. He's not quite as pathetically stupid and inarticulate as our Nutless Wonder, but all this "experience" that he keeps crowing about comes with a price tag: a HISTORY. A tangible, recorded history of racist, sexist jokes and boorish behavior that his publicists are now trying frantically to paint as "folksy" and "honest."

Sadly for him, it also introduces countless opportunities for his previous words to be used against him...just as they will be here.

And THEN who'll be the "flip-flopper?"

1:10 PM  

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