Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Alaska's Better Than We Are


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Palin is a pentecostal just like my parents. Heaven help us all. She doesn't have the right to impose her religion on the rest of us. Someone should remind her what freedom of religion is.
Every time a hurricane hits Florida my mom says I wonder what they are doing wrong? She believes God is punishing them for something. Palin said God has blessed the Iraq war. I'm sure glad God isn't as stupid as those who often profess his name. Palin said her daughter, Barstool or whatever, was given the choice to go ahead and have the bastard child. I guess the adulteress little whore has the right to choose but her mom wants to take that right away from everyone else. ed

12:42 PM  
Blogger American Girl said...

I think you should commit to Karen Valentine. The hair is so "Room 222."

Thanks for posting that article. Interesting that McCain is against a tax on oil companies windfall profits because he thinks taxes are bad (not because oil companies have a monster lobbying apparatus and own the White House).

Speaking of taxes, Congress is currently trying to get a bill passed so that states can tax movies and music bought online. Who do you think is going to get taxed the oil companies or the consumer?

1:13 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Ed: By that token, you'd think that an avalanche or something would hit the Palin house in retaliation for her daughter's "wanton ways." My aunt used to be a Pentecostal. Heaven help us, indeed! Although she DID give me her Rolling Stones tapes when she was "saved," so I got something out of it!

Sara: Yes, the hair really clinches it. McCain's such a Maverick that he'll profess to buck his party's policies on nearly everything until the election. Then he'd cave in and just do what they said (proving he's more of a Pinto, really).

5:00 PM  

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