Friday, July 27, 2007

He Has No Clothes, But Our Emperor Has Lots of Hubris...

I heard White House Press Secretary Tony Snow on CNN last night, saying that Congress is "out of control" on the Alberto Gonzales issue. If by "out of control" he means "diligent, dogmatic and determined to find out the truth, regardless of administration stonewalling," then yes, Congress is "out of control." Out of the administration's control, that is. And boy, they don't like that. Not. At. All.

For the entire past week, Snow has been basically stamping his foot and throwing a princess tantrum on behalf of the White House. He seems to find it incredibly audacious that the legislative branch and the American people refuse to roll over and just accept Bush's feeble hot beef injection any longer. Why the surprise? Haven't you checked the poll numbers lately, Tony? The entire country hates you, except for about 20 percent--and those people are either delusional Margaret White-type xenophobic, homophobic religious nuts with their bouffant heads up their asses, or oil tycoons who are hell-bent on preventing alternate fuel sources from becoming a reality (too bad the laws of supply and demand are against them on that one).

Yet, Bush and Company seem to know something we don't, or they would never dare to be so blatantly arrogant about trampling our rights, or disregarding the judicial process in the form of the currently overused "executive privilege." Snow said last night on CNN that if Congress continued being pesky over Gonzales, the administration "will take these discussions behind closed doors and settle it that way."

Try it, Tony. We've got a battering ram we're just dying to use.


Anonymous Ed said...

"All right you guys don't make me get ugly",says bushie, "I'll blow up another building and attack uh france you know I hate them." Tony Snow says, "I have cancer so you must do what ever bushie wants." Bushie says, " Canada has new-que-lure weapons and they are harboring those sniveling scardy cats that don't want to die in Iran, so we need to destroy niagra falls."

12:25 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Tony Snow has already played the cancer card. He had his press conference, got kinda choked up (Robert Gates would use that one later) and moved on...there are millions of others in America with cancer that don't have the terrific benefits that he, as one of the President's lap dogs, enjoys. I'm sorry if that sounds callous.

(On second thought, no I'm not. Tough shit.)

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Ed said...

The are many more of us who might have cancer but are unable to afford the tests. Is any body in Washington concerned? No they have their benefits. My Dr. said he would recommened I get a colonoscopy but since I have no insurance I'd have to pay in advance for it. Since I have no money he said well maybe the bleeding is from something else. So far it hasn't gotten any worse maybe I'll live until medicare kicks in but I doubt it. I don't want pity I've lived long enough. It is probably for the best. I know the government will be glad I won't be drawing S.S.

12:56 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

I'm sorry to hear about all this, Ed...I guess I'm just glad to hear it hasn't gotten any worse. And it's true, it could be many different things causing it! (Though it would be nice if doctors weren't so short with people--even my mom's doctor does this sometimes.)

But this is why I'll support the candidate who backs healthcare reform--so that they WILL ensure everyone can afford tests! (That lets Hillary right out of the race, since she's caved to the insurance companies now.)

1:49 PM  

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