Friday, July 27, 2007

When Beliefs and Professions Collide...'s time to find a different profession. Do your job or step aside. Period. As a pharmaceutical student, you must have known that contraception fell under the category of "pharmaceuticals." And yet, you chose to go to pharmaceutical school, so it must have been OK with you then. What's that you say? Contraceptives are straying further and further into the "morally-unacceptable zone?" Well, toots, the entire world is headed that direction.

And the stakes are higher than just keeping teenagers under our thumbs. We're not just talking about wayward Kids In The Back Seats of Cars anymore. We're talking about professional adults, people advanced in their careers, people all the way into their 40s, precipitating a major world crisis of overpopulation.

What's that you say? "Abstinence?" You're going to preach abstinence to married people?? Give me some of whatever you're sniffing. And what about rape victims? That sort of dashes the whole "abstinence" argument, doesn't it? Go tell the rapists to "abstain." And please, let me know what they say. Can't wait to hear it.


Anonymous Ed said...

the National Education Administration has been taken over by the conservative right. They are going around to schools and having kids to sign a celibacy until marriage bill.
Would you buy a car before trying it out first? They should write it in the sand I'm sure it will last as long.

5:05 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

I'm sure Margaret Spellings had NOTHING to do with that. I tell manage to win Jon Stewart over on "The Daily Show," and that's the new barometer of acceptability...

11:23 PM  

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