Friday, January 25, 2008

The Ledger Will Be Balanced (But Not Fair)...

Yes, everyone's talking about Heath Ledger's death now...of course we are. It was sudden and tragic.

But the tragedy of his sudden death is now starting to become overshadowed by the controversy being manufactured by the Westboro Baptist "Church," those quasi-evolved nutjobs in Kansas who have evidently learned to work their fax machine and sent out the media release stating that they plan to picket Ledger's funeral, thereby turning a tragedy into a circus.

What kind of people (and I use the term very loosely) are these? What kind of Christians? To give you the idea of their depravity, you really need to see them in action (if you can stomach their appearance, and I will grant you, it's not easy). Still photos just won't do (although they're quite frightening enough).

Here's a clip from an interview a few years back on Fox News when the "church" decided to picket the funeral of a soldier killed in Iraq. Fox News' Julie Banderas interviews Shirley Phelps-Roper, the daughter of Fred Phelps (and apparently, Salacious Crumb to his Jabba the Hutt). In true Fox News fashion, the interview quickly degenerates into a shouting match:

Commenters on YouTube seemed to regard Ms. Banderas as some sort of personal hero. To me, she looks and sounds like a darker-haired version of Nancy Grace (and we all know how charming and credible she is) interviewing Linda Kasabian or something.

Before we go all "Yay Julie!" and "Way to go, sister!," let's remember that this is the ONLY time Fox News has ever attacked a right-wing Christian. And that the only reason that they goaded her into appearing on this show is that the church was picketing a soldier's funeral. Do you really think they give a shit about gay issues?

As Mrs. Slocombe would say, "Not bloody likely."

This interview aired about two years ago, at the time of that funeral. Since then, business continues as usual at Fox News. This is the same network that carries Bill O'Reilly and allows him to make claims at least as spurious and outrageous as this product of incest every single night. The same network that features Ann Coulter on a regular basis, and allows her to spew her venom without rebuke. And does it all to make money.

Since it makes them money, it serves their ends, so their righteous Bible-quoting rings very hollow here. Bringing SP-R on the show was like shooting fish in a barrel. She doesn't serve their ends, after all--what do they have to lose?

Well, we gays do not serve their ends either. So just remember, in the eyes of Fox News, we're the same as the Phelps family.

NOW do you get how insane all these people are??


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the Conservatives have destroyed Democracy and embraced Facism They will be waving the flag and carrying a cross.
There is a church near here that follows the Phelps type of theology. They have been succesful in blocking any gay pride activities and getting a Gay newspaper shut down. They have even picketed stores believed to be owned by Gays. They often have their members stand on street corners and hold the most hateful and dispicable signs that only Satan himself could have imagined. Example: Matthew Shepard is burning in Hell! God wants us to destroy Gays! America must cleanse itself from Queers or face God's wrath! Hitler had the right idea! The church is called The Old Providence Baptist church. Ed

9:30 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Soon, their interests will clash with the interests of other so-called "conservatives." Because they'll protest Esso, or Wal-Mart or something.

They'll always hang themselves, because they can never confine their hatred to just one cause...

12:47 AM  

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