Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"Locking the Door Against the Boogeyman, When Sasquatch is Already In The House," and "Every Time Two Egos Collide"

Although this time, it appears to be geared more towards foreign surveillance than domestic, at least. And they appear to be talking only about folks who are already suspected terrorists. Honestly, though, haven't we realized that we're only giving our government room to abuse their authority--AGAIN? What frustrates me is that the Democrats are becoming more conciliatory with the administration when we should be kicking its ass--kind of like the Republicans like to fancy they did after the 1994 elections. But then, that administration was never as arrogant and mocking as this one.

And all this talk about "preventing another terror attack." After seven years of W.'s lunacy, why are people still so worried about threats from the outside?


I thought this was interesting. Barack Obama says that he would send troops into Pakistan to hunt down terrorists if Pervez Musharraf wasn't effective enough at rooting them out on his own. (Here's a tip, Barack: Musharraf is a figure-head. The tribal lords all rule Pakistan, as they do much of the Mideast. You cannot count on him to stabilize or bring order to that place.)

And, what a surprise, Hillary Clinton dismisses his foreign policy talk as "naive." I haven't seen any better suggestions coming out of her camp lately, either, though, have you? Frankly, I find her to be incredibly supercilious and lacking in compassion. And before people huff and say, "What a double standard! A strong woman always gets accused of being a bitch! Wah, wah wah! Would you say that about a man? Wah, wah wah!," let me answer you right now:

Yes. I would. Because I don't care much for either of them right now. He's busy being a Rock Star and she's busy being The Woman Who Wouldn't Be Giuliani. Frankly, they're both too wrapped up in themselves and each other to pay attention to the rest of us. I'd rather support Edwards. At least he gives a shit about healthcare.


Anonymous Ed said...

Edwards is agood guy but his wife needs to tone it down a bit. Sure she has cancer but using it as a club to pound her husbands opponents into the ground is not the way to go.
Dennis Kucinich (sp) has some great ideas. The Business & Industry people fear him. He has the audacity to say we need to provide more and better jobs for Americans. He wants to hold China responsible for poisoning the food they send here. He wants to tax the rich to pay for health care. Crazy ideas but I like him.

12:27 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

I'm not sure that Elizabeth can avoid the cancer issue...his opponents (as cynical and despicable as it may seem) will be trying to use this to convince voters that he won't be able to govern properly with divided attention. So it's always sort of there, and she might as well use it to their advantage instead of someone else's...

Kucinich's ideas will certainly be condemned as "quaint" and "obsolete." Ironic, with a Republican administration that seems to have a 50s-fetish. (But only in the bedroom, apparently--outside, it's "rape the people all the way!") But I like Kucinich's ideas!

1:08 PM  

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