Friday, April 02, 2010

The Joans in the Trib

Well, the first two paragraphs of the article anyway. This story is about The Flesh Hungry Dog Show, the monthly queer/alternative rock show which was founded in 2005 by Gary Airedale, and was originally a showcase for his band Flesh Hungry Dog (which, at the time, included me!). (Incidentally, Gary, in answer to Marc the Podcaster's question about who played at the first show, part of the answer is 8-Inch Betsy. I don't remember the second one, though...)

The Joans have played FHD several times and tonight is it's Fifth Anniversary. Go to to purchase tickets online and get $3 off (before 5 PM)! Show starts at 9:00 at Jackhammer (6406 N. Clark Street, Chicago). See ya there!

(Oh, and I promise I'll have advice back next week...I haven't been able to work up enough slobber and bile to put together a good one this week, what with the show coming up and all...but I'm sure I'll be my old misanthropic self by next Friday.)

Have a good weekend and Happy Easter!